Count, Group, and Compare

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Count, Group, and Compare

Every child's brain is wired for math. Talk about numbers, shapes, patterns, and comparisons as you go about your routines together. Watch your child learn to love math.


With Your Infant (0-12 months)

  • Move to the beat. Tap your baby's tummy or clap their hands together to the rhythm of a song. Or rock them as you sing a lullaby.
  • Count. For example, count and wiggle each of their toes. Or count as you gently bounce them in your lap.
  • Compare objects. Help your baby explore things that are the same and different. Let them shake containers that make different sounds. Or give them different types of fabrics to touch (like smooth and scratchy). Talk about the differences.
  • Fill up and dump out. For example, use a container to scoop and dump water in the bathtub. Use words like "in," "out," "full," and "empty."

With Your Toddler (12-36 months)

  • Compare sizes and amounts. Your toddler may be interested which things are "big" or "little." You can also talk to them about whether they want "more" or "less."
  • Look for shapes. Point out shapes and describe them to your child. "Look, that window is a square with four sides." See if they can find and name shapes around them.
  • Match and sort. Make a game of matching and sorting objects into groups. Arrange them by color, shape, or size. For example, find as many green things as you can, then sort them from smallest to largest.
  • Clap in a pattern. Have your toddler repeat the pattern and dance with you.

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